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Membership Cards



Anyone can be a member of the PTA:  parents, students, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, community members…anyone!  And every member needs a membership card. Each PTA member should receive a card; it is proof of membership. A membership card entitles its bearer to a ballot in an election. Applicants for PTA scholarships and grants must provide a copy of their membership card.


Membership cards should list the name of only one member. PTA members are entitled to benefits of membership provided by PTA. Member perks are available on the State PTA website, www.capta.org.  PTAs are expected to remit per capita dues through channels before additional cards are approved. All units, councils and districts are advised to remit per capita monthly.

Membership cards are provided by National PTA and distributed through PTA channels (units receive them from their council the Tenth District). Each member should receive an official membership card from the unit PTA upon payment of dues. The same PTA membership card is used by all PTAs.

Membership information is filled in on the card before the membership card is distributed. The National PTA unit number is used as the Unit ID number on the membership card. Membership information can be printed on the card using a computer printer; a membership card template is available by clicking here. Information can also be printed by hand or stamped onto the membership cards. Electronic membership cards are now available from district PTAs. These electronic cards which contain the unit’s ID number and member’s name, may be saved on the members’ Smart phone or tablet, and serve as proof of membership.

The California State PTA membership year is July 1 to June 30. Membership cards in California expire on October 31, allowing a grace period (from July 1 to October 31) for our members to renew their membership. During this grace period, members are entitled to their full membership rights, including approval of the PTA budget and program at the summer or fall association meetings.

As each PTA is a separate and individual association, members having children in more than one school may pay dues to support the PTA in each child’s school.