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The historian assembles and preserves the record of activities and achievements of the PTA, and assists the president in preparing the Annual Report.

Historian records, like minutes, should be kept forever.

Collection of hours is important to our organization for many reasons.Maintaining federal tax exemption is one of the most important. An organization granted nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general public. Valuation of service hours expended in carrying out the purposes for which it was formed will positively affect the public support ratio of PTA.

Volunteer hours can be reported in the narrative portion of the IRS 990 report and can also be placed on your PTAs financial statements. In addition, click on the the Volunteer Tally Sheet for PTA Units, so that the total monthly volunteer hours accumulated per unit may be recorded.  From information provided by nonprofit charitable organizations, the IRS publishes a figure, adjusted annually, that attributes a dollar value to volunteer hours donated. This enables PTAs to publish an annual tabulation of the collective value of volunteer hours which has been returned as a donation to local communities and statewide.

Advertising the value of volunteer hours expended by PTA can be a valuable marketing and publicity tool and raises the publics awareness of the organization. Frequently, foundation grantors request the number of volunteer hours an organization expends annually when considering apportionment of grant funds. The volunteer value helps a foundation understand the extent of a groups parent involvement, support nd commitment to their own purposes which aids the grantors in determining the amount of assistance to award.