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Board Elect Activities



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PTA bylaws provide that following an election, the board-elect may meet to begin making plans for the next term.

The board-elect may:

  • Fill vacancies in office and ratify appointments.
  • Verify that council/district PTA has been provided with a roster of new board members with complete contact information.
  • Determine PTA materials needed for officers/chairmen. Consider ordering extra subscriptions and publications.
  • Distribute copies of bylaws and job descriptions.
  • Consider a survey and use the input to begin goal-setting and plan activities to implement those goals.
  • Set time to meet with site administrator.
  • Prepare a master calendar for PTA events and programs. Be aware of school district calendar and special holidays.
  • Ratify budget committee appointed by president-elect.
  • Have a proposed budget approved at last association meeting of the year.
  • Set appointments to meet with current board members to review evaluations of current term activities.
  • Assure that the year-end audit is scheduled to be conducted immediately following the end of the fiscal year.
  • Schedule an installation of officers.
  • Order membership envelopes.

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