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Treasurer’s File & Records

Complete treasurer’s records should contain the following:

  • Financial reviewer’s reports, checklists and recommendations for current and one prior year
  • Budget and budget versus actuals reports and updates
  • Bylaws and standing rules
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Copy of Insurance Guide
  • Copy of current Letter of Determination for Tax Exemption
  • Correspondence
  • District-specific information
  • Employee records, current
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Copies of tax filings
  • Information sheet listing the name, address and phone number of all financial institutions used, along with any passwords and information pertaining to computerized records.
  • Corporate number, if applicable; California State Franchise Tax Board entity number, and Attorney General Charitable tax number.
  • Annual financial reports
  • Monthly financial reports (including treasurer’s reports and financial secretary’s reports)
  • Financial ledger (may be kept electronically) and checkbook register(s)
  • Remittance forms to council and/or district PTAs
  • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report
  • California State PTA Toolkit, Finance, and Forms, and Job Descriptions
  • Recommendations for successor

When there is no financial secretary, complete treasurer’s records also include:

  • Bank statements and reconciliations (reviewed and signed by non-check signer)
  • Completed Cash Verification Forms with supporting documentation and bank deposit slips attached
  • Completed Payment Authorization Forms with receipts attached
  • Completed EFT/Bank Bill Payment Authorization Forms with supporting documentation attached
  • Completed Authorizations to Transfer Funds Between Accounts with supporting documentation attached
  • Voided checks

For each bank account, record in a secure location the account number, place of deposit, and elected officers authorized to sign on the account. If a manual ledger is used, write inside the front cover of the treasurer’s book. Keep the checkbook in a safe place. Ensure that the secretary records the elected officers authorized to sign on the account in the minutes of the association election meeting or whenever the executive board fills a vacant position.

All supplies listed below are legitimate PTA expenses, reimbursable upon approval of the executive board.

Bank Deposit Book

Bank Deposit Slips

Checks: Imprinted with the legal name of association, address, two signature lines, and the following wording: “Void if not cashed within 90 days” and, “Two signatures required.”

Deposit Stamp: Includes “For Deposit Only,” name of PTA and account number.

File or Envelope: For filing bills and receipts.

Locking Money Box or Safe: For temporary holding of cash.

Numbered Receipt Book: A numbered invoice book may also be useful.

Portable File or Binder: To hold treasurer’s current records.

Storage Box: To hold treasurer’s records not in current use.

Treasurer’s Book (Ledger Book): Used to keep track of all transactions (Ledger Sample). May be kept electronically instead.

Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement Forms: Written requests for an expenditure or reimbursement (Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement Form).

Cash Verification Forms: Used by at least two PTA members when counting monies to verify cash and checks received.

Accounting/Financial Software: May be purchased outright or licensed yearly.

USB/Flash Drives: To store backup copies of financial records and documents and/or transfer files to successors.